Project: Red Hills

Project Type
Wind Farm
Project Location
Roger Mills and Custer counties, Oklahoma
Commercial Online Date
March 2009
Total Capacity
123 MW
Product Certification Standard
Green-e® Energy
Estimated Annual Energy Generation
Enough electricity to power 40,000 U.S. homes
Acciona Energy North America
Acciona Energy North America

Situated in an area well suited for wind power generation, the Red Hills Wind Farm currently represents more than ten percent of Oklahoma’s total wind power capacity

The 123 MW Red Hills Wind Farm is the third largest wind farm in the state of Oklahoma, and located just off of historic Route 66 on five thousand acres of cattle grazing grasslands.

More than 200 people were employed during the construction of the Red Hills Wind Farm, Acciona Energy’s first renewable-energy project in the state of Oklahoma. In addition, the facility has created 15 new full-time local jobs in Elk City and the surrounding area.

The Red Hills Wind Farm uses 82 ACCIONA Windpower 1.5 MW turbines, many of which were built at Acciona’s turbine assembly plant in West Bank, Iowa. The AW-1500 turbines sit upon 262 foot tall towers, with 122 foot blades that convert the fierce plains winds into enough electricity to power over 40,000 U.S. homes annually.

The turbines are engineered for strength and reliability, with double support in the main shaft to reduce loads on the gearbox and extend the machine’s working life. In addition, for maximum energy production, ACCIONA’s turbine technology allows for variable speed with independent hydraulic pitch control for each blade.