Renewable Energy Projects

3Degrees and its partners support renewable energy projects across the United States and around the world. Please find profiles on a few of these projects below.

ORPC Maine Tidal Energy Project Renewable Energy Certificates
Maine Tidal Energy Project

The Maine Tidal Energy Project is the first ocean energy project to deliver electricity to the public grid anywhere in the United States.

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Red Hills

Located just off of historic Route 66 on five thousand acres of cattle grazing grasslands, the 123 MW Red Hills Wind Farm is the third largest wind farm in the state of Oklahoma.

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Wind Farm
Farmers City Wind Project

When the Farmers City Wind Farm began operation in early 2009, it was the largest wind project in Missouri, and nearly doubled the state’s wind power capacity.

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Milpitas Unified School District

The Milpitas Unified School District's solar system provides an onsite living solar energy laboratory for students with education displays, classroom curriculum, and hands-on learning tools.

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Brookside Dairy

The Brookside Dairy, home to around 475 milk cows, is located in rural Indiana County, Pennsylvania.

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