Carbon Reduction Projects

3Degrees and its partners support carbon emission reduction projects across the United States and around the world. Please find profiles on a few of these projects below.

Denton Landfill

A 1.6 MW Caterpillar 3520 generator uses methane gas from the Denton Landfill to generate power while a backup candlestick flare located on the landfill property combusts landfill gas when the generator is at capacity.

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Garcia River Forest

The Garcia River Conservation-Based Forest Management Project increases sequestration and storage of carbon in a native redwood forests while restoring wildlife habitat.

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McKinney Landfill Gas Destruction

The McKinney Landfill captures methane gas that would otherwise be emitted into the atmosphere from anaerobic decomposition within the landfill.

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Rockingham County NC Landfill Gas Project

The Rockingham Landfill Gas Project collects and destroys methane that would otherwise be released into the atmosphere.

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Granger South Jordan Landfill Gas Destruction

The South Jordan Landfill Gas Project uses captured methane from the Trans-Jordan Landfill as a fuel source for electricity generation.

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MP Greenwood Landfill Gas to Energy Project

Methane from the Greenwood Landfill is used to generate electricity at the nearby Fujifilm facility.

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