The Community ConnectSM Methodology

Utility executives planning to launch or expand a voluntary green power or carbon balancing program need to answer many questions.

What kind of renewable energy projects should the program support? What kinds of direct marketing activities will drive enrollment? How should program pricing be developed? How do I ensure my call-center representatives accurately describe the green power program to our customers? How do I retain customers in the program when they move?

These questions represent just a few of the challenges faced by any manager of a utility voluntary program. 3Degrees understands – it has encountered these challenges time and again.

That’s why 3Degrees developed its Community ConnectSM methodology for launching and managing voluntary utility programs. Based on experience and lessons learned from educating and marketing voluntary programs to millions of customers, the Community Connect methodology provides 3Degrees' utility partners with a clear path to green power and carbon balancing program success.

With its tested processes and best practices, the Community Connect methodology helps utilities build green power and carbon balancing programs that demonstrate their commitment to environmental responsibility and strengthen relationships with customers and other stakeholders. The Community Connect methodology features four distinct steps — Discover, Prepare, Implement and Review.

Community Connect Diagram

The Community Connect methodology, when combined with 3Degrees' team of outreach, research, communications, program certification, environmental market, regulatory relations and corporate sales specialists, is a powerful tool for overcoming typical (and not so typical) program challenges.

If you would like to learn more about 3Degrees' Community Connect methodology, please email us or call us at 866.476.9378.