Utility Partnership Services

We partner with utilities to offer their customers the choice to support renewable energy and carbon reduction projects.

The Santa Clara Green Power program is a fantastic success under our partnership with 3Degrees...our customers love it.  

- Larry Owens, Division Manager
Customer Services at Silicon Valley Power


Community Solar | Contact Us »

Offer customers the option to support local, steel-in-the-ground renewable energy projects.

  • Brand new projects
  • Projects located in or close to customer's community
  • Fixed price, no up-front costs
  • Cutting-edge, high valued, in-demand program

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Green Power | Contact Us »

Offer customers the option to support local renewable energy by matching any portion of their electricity use with Renewable Energy Certificates generated in their community or region.

  • Affordable way to offer meaningful support to renewable energy projects
  • Helps renewable energy developers get new projects built
  • Low-risk, scalable, easy-to-launch program

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Carbon Balancing | Contact Us »

Offer customers the option to positively impact the environment by supporting projects that reduce total carbon dioxide emissions.

  • Reduce emissions associated with home’s natural gas use down to zero
  • High-quality carbon offsets located in your community—or compelling projects from around the world
  • Meaningful, flexible, easy-to-implement program