RECs and/or Carbon Offsets

3Degrees' Green Power & Carbon Balancing Services enable organizations to match their electricity with renewable energy and balance out their unavoidable greenhouse gas emissions with verified carbon offsets.

3Degrees provides organizations with Green-e® Energy Certified Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) and verified carbon offsets, helping them mitigate the environmental impact of their operations.

3Degrees are the renewable energy evangelists. They’ve guided us in making purchases for our offices and stores and helped us translate the story into something simple and compelling for our employees and customers.

— Kate Larramendy, Horny Toad 

As part of a comprehensive Reduce, Renew and Balance approach, 3Degrees' RECs, carbon offsets, and associated services allow organizations to move closer to achieving their sustainability goals, while encouraging the development of new renewable energy and carbon reduction projects.

3Degrees’ Green Power and Carbon Balancing Services feature:

  • Goal Assessment: Whether an organization is attempting to join The Climate Registry, become an EPA Green Power Partner, secure points towards LEED® green building certification or interested in meeting internal sustainability goals, 3Degrees can help it develop green power and carbon balancing goals and determine the number, type, and vintage of the RECs and carbon offsets it needs to achieve these goals.
  • Competitive Pricing from a Diverse Portfolio: 3Degrees is an active participant in environmental markets and holds a large and diverse portfolio of RECs and carbon offsets. This, combined with its prompt and proficient contracting and settlements team, enables 3Degrees to offer its partners a wide variety of RECs and carbon offsets while still providing its partners with some of the most competitive pricing in the industry.
  • Support for New Projects: 3Degrees' Green-e Energy Certified RECs are sourced from projects that have gone online in the last 15 years and a high percentage of its RECs and carbon offsets are generated from projects have gone online in the last few years. For example, of the projects 3Degrees sourced RECs from in 2011, 73 percent of these projects came online after January 1, 2006. When an organization purchases RECs or carbon offsets Collection of Marketing Materialsfrom 3Degrees, it helps channel funds to newly constructed renewable energy and carbon reduction projects, encouraging further development of these types of projects.
  • Extensive Marketing and Communications Support: 3Degrees has years of experience helping its partners educate their stakeholders on the meaning and impact of green power and carbon balancing commitments. From an in-house communications and design team to its Online Toolkit, which features a variety of public relations and marketing templates and materials, 3Degrees provides its partners with the resources they need to secure the recognition their voluntary commitments deserve, while complying with government and industry green marketing regulations and guidelines.