3Degrees partners with a variety of organizations seeking to utilize environmental markets to build stakeholder value.

  • Utilities & Load-Serving Entities

    Stakeholder energy security and environmental concerns are making it increasingly important for utilities and Load-Serving Entities to provide their customers with green power and carbon balancing options.

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  • Project Developers & Owners

    The infrastructure that will transition the U.S. to a low-carbon, renewable energy economy is being built today by renewable energy and greenhouse gas emission reduction project developers and owners.

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  • Businesses, Government & Nonprofits

    Across the nation and around the world, businesses, government agencies, and nonprofits are working to mitigate the environmental impact of their operations.

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  • skyline buildings
    LEED® Green Building Professionals

    Green building professionals are using innovative design, new technologies, and onsite renewable energy generation to reduce buildings' greenhouse gas emissions.

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  • Associations, Industry Groups & NGOs

    Educational, advocacy, and coordination efforts of associations, industry groups, and non-governmental organizations are increasing demand for green power, channeling funds to renewable energy and carbon reduction projects, and improving the efficiency of environmental markets.

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