Ameren Missouri Renews 3Degrees Contract

Press Release | May 1, 2013

Three-year agreement furthers Missourian support of wind industry

Ameren MissouriSan Francisco, May 1, 2013 — 3Degrees, one of the nation's leading providers of renewable energy and carbon offsets, announced a three-year contract renewal with Ameren Missouri to continue Pure Power, a voluntary green pricing program. There will also be a price reduction for program participants.

Ameren Missouri Pure Power offers renewable energy certificates (RECs) for businesses and residents generated by facilities like Farmers City Wind Farm in Atchison County, Missouri. Beginning May 1st, RECs previously offered at $15/MWh are now available at $10/MWh. The dramatically lower cost is expected to make program participation attractive and obtainable for more Missourians, and means a lower price for existing participants too.

“Based on the success of the Pure Power program, I believe that more and more Missourians see renewable energy as an important part of a diverse economy,” said Steve McDougal, President of 3Degrees. The next three years should see even higher program growth to support the mid-West wind industry.

About Ameren Missouri Pure Power

Ameren Missouri’s Pure Power program is an easy, affordable way to have a positive impact on the environment today — and every day. Pure Power allows Ameren’s Missouri customers to choose to support the development of local...

Maine Green Power Program is Launched

3Degrees In The News | April 21, 2013

Maine Green Power LogoFor those of us who have been waiting for a new option for buying renewable electricity since Maine Renewable Energy stopped offering their products, the long wait is over.

This month, the Maine Public Utilities Commission (MPUC), in partnership with 3Degrees, a leading renewable energy provider, launch Maine Green Power, a statewide green power program available to customers of Central Maine Power (CMP), Bangor Hydro Electric Company (BHE) and Maine Public Service Company (MPS).

Residents and businesses that participate in Maine Green Power will be able to ensure that the electricity they use at their home or business is matched by electricity generated by solar, hydro, wind, biomass or other renewable energy projects located in Maine.

"Maine has abundant hydro, wind, biomass and other renewable energy resources," said MPUC Chairman Thomas Welch. "Maine Green Power enables our state's residents and businesses to encourage further local development of these resources by choosing to power their homes and businesses with renewable energy generated in Maine."

How it Works

With this launch, the Maine Green Power program will allow participants served by the participating utilities to choose the amount of renewable energy they want to purchase in the form of 500 kilowatt-hour "blocks". 500 kilowatt-hours represents approximately the average amount of electricity used by a Maine household in a month--at a cost of $7.50 per block per month, in addition to the cost of their standard offer electricity supply.

Residential customers may purchase either 1/2, 1, 2, 3 or 4 blocks of renewable energy per month. Commercial customers...

Dominion Green Power Surpasses 15,000 Participants

3Degrees In The News | April 8, 2013
  • Environmental savings equivalent to taking 65,000 cars off the road for a year
  • Dominion Green Power Program® still open to new customers
  • 'A way for all customers to have a positive impact on the planet'

Green Power Program ParticipantsRICHMOND, VA — More than 15,000 customers are now signed up for Dominion Virginia Power's Dominion Green Power® program and are supporting renewable energy produced in this region to meet some or all of their home's energy needs.

The participating customers have packed an impressive environmental punch, too.

Since the program's inception in 2009, participants have supported more than 480,000 megawatt-hours of renewable energy. The generation of this "green" power has prevented the same amount of carbon dioxide from entering the air as removing 65,000 average cars from the road for one year, or the equivalent environmental impact of planting 8,700,000 trees that grow to maturity.

"This program is one way for all customers to have a positive impact on the planet," said Ken Barker, vice president – Customer Solutions and Energy Conservation. "It's a great program and part of our effort to offer customers different options to save energy, money and help the environment."

The Dominion Green Power Program® offers customers the option to match their home electricity use with renewable energy by either usage or in fixed monthly amounts. The fixed option starts at $2 and can be increased in $2 increments. Each $2 block supports 154 kilowatt-hours of green power.  The option based on usage adds 1.3 cents per...