3Degrees Launches New Utility Green Power Programs

3Degrees | Press Release | September 24, 2012

Strengthens Sector Leadership Position as Utilities Increasingly Realize Value from Providing Their Customers with Compelling Regional Renewable Energy Options

Washington, D.C., September 24, 2012 — At today’s Renewable Energy Markets Conference, 3Degrees announced that its industry-leading utility green power program services business has continued to grow in 2012.
In 2012, 3Degrees officially launched the Maine Green Power program and the Alameda Municipal Power Alameda Green program. These programs join 3Degrees’ portfolio of seven other utility partnerships.
Like all of 3Degrees' utility green power programs, these programs support green power projects by sourcing renewable energy generated from wind farms, solar power generating systems, and other regional renewable energy facilities on behalf of utility program participants.
“Utilities are increasingly realizing that their residential and commercial customers want to mitigate the environmental impact of their electricity use, either by becoming more energy efficient, installing solar panels or other renewable energy technologies at their offices or home, or matching their electricity use with renewable energy being generated at regional green power facilities,” said Adam Capage, Vice President of Utility Partnerships. “As this trend continues, we expect to see more and more utilities launching or expanding green power programs and turning to 3Degrees as an experienced and reliable partner who can support them in this effort."
Voluntary Green Power Program Leadership
These new and expanded partnerships, along with 3Degrees' existing partnerships with Ameren...

3Degrees Achieves B Corporation Certification

3Degrees | Press Release | September 20, 2012

Certification Demonstrates Green Power Market Leader's Commitment to Social and Economic Performance, Transparency, and Accountability

SAN FRANCISCO, September 20, 2012— 3Degrees, one of the nation's leading providers of renewable energy and carbon offsets, today announced that B Lab, the B Corporation certification body, has recognized 3Degrees as a Certified B Corporation™. A B Corporation is a new type of company which uses the power of business to solve social and environmental problems.
"As a company whose mission is to accelerate the world's transition to a sustainable, low-carbon economy, certifying as a B Corporation was a no-brainer for us," said Steve McDougal, President of 3Degrees. "The process for becoming a B Corporation was comprehensive and thorough, and has helped us better measure the impact our actions have on our employees, suppliers, community, consumers, and environment."
History of Sustainable Business Leadership
A five-time winner of the U.S. Department of Energy's Green Power Leadership Award, 3Degrees is one of the nation's leading Renewable Energy Certificate (REC) and carbon offset providers. 3Degrees provides green power and carbon offset products and services to Fortune 500 companies, utilities, green building firms, and other organizations that are working to make their operations more sustainable.
By partnering with 3Degrees:


"How to Earn the LEED® Green Power Credit" White Paper Published By 3Degrees

3Degrees | Press Release | August 16, 2012

White Paper Helps Green Building Professionals Quickly and Easily Understand How to Use Renewable Energy to Earn LEED Points

SAN FRANCISCO, August 16, 2012— As green building professionals continue to search for new ways to make the energy used at their LEED projects more environmentally sustainable, many are looking beyond traditional energy conservation and efficiency technologies and are considering how they can use clean, renewable energy to power their buildings.
For these professionals, 3Degrees' How to Earn the LEED Green Power Credit white paper is quite valuable. By reading the white paper, green building professionals can learn how renewable energy can make their projects' energy use more environmentally sustainable, helping them secure up to six points towards LEED certification.
3Degrees, a five-time winner of the U.S. Department of Energy's Green Power Supplier of the Year Award, explains in the white paper how:

  • Buildings' use of electricity has a powerful impact on the environment and climate change.
  • On-site and off-site renewable energy, when combined with energy conservation and efficiency, can help mitigate a building's environmental impact.
  • Projects can earn LEED points through the installation of renewable energy generation technologies at the project site (on-site) or through the purchase of renewable energy produced elsewhere (off-site).

"Energy efficiency and conservation are essential in mitigating a building's environmental impact. In addition to reducing energy consumption, green building professionals can also use renewable energy as another way for them to mitigate the impact of...