3Degrees Purchases the RECs and Utility Partnerships division of 3 Phases Energy

3Degrees is pleased to announce the acquisition of the assets of the RECs and Utility Partnerships Division of 3 Phases Energy. 3Degrees, a newly-formed company, has the same dedicated team, led by Dan Kalafatas and Steve McDougal, with the same focus on high quality products and customer service that you’ve come to know over the last five years. In addition to offering Green-e® Certified Renewable Energy Certificates, we have expanded our portfolio of verified carbon emission reduction projects around the globe including China, India, New Zealand, Mexico, Brazil and our very own United States. Overall, we support over 70 renewable energy and other carbon reduction projects around the world.

3Degrees’ mission is simple – to help reduce the magnitude of climate change. Our vision is to build global markets that foster more sustainable businesses and communities. We are committed to delivering products, services and market expertise of the highest quality and integrity. To that end, we continue to help inspire the growth of renewable energy, both in the U.S. and internationally, while also serving the needs of a fast-growing market for high-quality carbon emissions reductions. Across our offerings, we remain committed to our partners’ success.

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