3Degrees takes direct responsibility for its impact on the environment.

To mitigate its impact, 3Degrees incorporates sustainability measures into all its operations. This means reducing energy use and waste, renewing or recycling what it can’t reduce, and balancing out unavoidable greenhouse gas emissions and water usage.

Examples of 3Degrees' commitment to sustainability include:

  • Helping subsidize fare costs for employees who commute to work using public transportation.
  • Incorporating sustainability best practices into day-to-day operations, such as double-sided printing, “smart” thermostats, compact fluorescent lighting, and energy conservation.
  • Contracting only with local FSC-Certified printers who use 100 percent soy based inks for external printing projects.
  • Use of environmentally sustainable office materials.
  • Printing in-house on at least 30 percent post-consumer recycled paper.
  • Selecting a carbon-neutral hosting company for our web site.
  • Utilization of hybrid or fuel-efficient vehicles whenever they are available.

Offseting our impact: Electricity and Transportation

3Degrees matches 100 percent of the firm's electricity usage with Renewable Energy Certificates, and balancing out all emissions resulting from employees' car and air travel (commuting and business) with third-party verified carbon offsets.

Offseting our impact: Water

3Degrees purchases Water Restoration Certificates to cover the water footprint of our business operations. Water Restoration Certificates are certified by the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation and restore water into critically de-watered rivers and streams. Our investments support two projects that work to restore the habitats of threatened aquatic species.


3Degrees' commitment to sustainability has been recognized by a number of organizations:

The Climate Registry

Logo - 3Degrees awarded Platinum designation by Climate RegistryIn 2011, we were the first company in North America to be recognized by The Climate Registry with its Climate Registered™ Silver designation. In 2014, 3Degrees was promoted to Climate RegisteredTM Platinum by demonstrating a 100% absolute reduction as compared to 2011.  

This status is conferred by the Climate Registry to organizations that have demonstrated their commitment to sustainability by successfully measuring, verifying, and reporting their carbon footprint according to The Climate Registry’s best-in-class program. To secure this designation, 3Degrees also committed to a timeline for meeting specific absolute greenhouse gas emission reduction goals and demonstrated that it had implemented at least five greenhouse gas reduction best practices.

San Francisco Green Business

3Degrees is also proud to be a recognized San Francisco Green Business. The San Francisco Green Business seal means City and County of San Francisco auditors have verified that 3Degrees complies with strict environmental standards to reduce waste, prevent pollution and conserve resources.

National Best and Brightest Sustainable Companies® 

In 2014, 3Degrees was honored to be named one of the National Best and Brightest Sustainable Companies®. This award celebrates companies that are making their businesses and their communities more sustainable.